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The keys to your piano potential

If you have always wanted to learn how to tickle the ivories in the style of your favourite pianists but have never got round to it then Murtagh Music can make a piano player of you yet.

With over 30 years of professional piano playing experience behind us, we are the perfect choice in the Abergele area to provide you with advanced piano lessons in a range of diverse musical styles.

Classical and Jazz piano styles

Whether you want to master the sonatas of Rachmaninov or play cool chords like Oscar Peterson, Murtagh Music offer piano tuition that can help you to develop your piano skills in a range of musical styles.

We offer both classical piano and jazz piano lessons to an advanced standard and can help you to get a great choice of tunes under your fingers.

Lessons are available either in our studio or in your home and examinations through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) are available too.

We can teach you valuable skills such as sight reading and improve your listening and composition skills.

For piano tuition, get in touch with us today and improve your skills on the piano. Call 07932 575 882 or email us via our contact page and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Command the keyboard

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the keyboard or synthesizer then Murtagh Music is the name to call in the Abergele area.

We offer keyboard lessons that cover a range of topics from programming and sound creation to performance techniques using various sounds and effects.

Learn about the technology

The keyboard or synthesizer is an invaluable tool in both a live setting or in the recording studio and a little knowledge can lay the foundations for experimenting with and creating your own signature tones.

If you want to learn more about the keyboard and begin tapping into the potential of this wonderful range of instruments then speak to Murtagh Music now on 07932 575 882 or contact us here with your email.

With our help you can create a variety of textures and layers using synthesised sounds and develop a greater understanding of sound editing tools such as resonant filters, envelope generators and low frequency oscillators, all of which effect the tone of the sound and produce weird and wonderful musical colours with which to paint.

Taking your first steps with the guitar

Are you or your children interested in learning how to play the guitar? Murtagh Music – guitar tutor – is the name to call in Abergele for beginner guitar lessons.

Our guitar lessons are ideal for children or first time guitarists who want to gain a basic grasp of the fundamental skills required to play the instrument.

Find your way around the frets

Once you have developed the skill and strength in your fingers to play single note melodies we will progress to more advanced techniques such as strumming and chords. Before long you will possess a firm base of guitar knowledge from which to build and be well on your way to becoming an axe wrangler extraordinaire, just like your favourite 6 string heroes. 

Try our guitar tuition for beginners in Abergele today and start dreaming of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

Call 07932 575 882 or send us an email via our contact page.

Expand your music theory knowledge

Do you want to improve your grasp of the theory of music? If you are hoping to pursue a career in the music industry then you will find many doors open to a player who can read music and understand music theory rather than simply play by ear.

Strengthen your musical knowledge and improve your prospects of carving out a career in music with the help of Murtagh Music.

Take the exams and gain the grades

With Murtagh Music you can choose to take the ABRSM exams if you wish. Many musicians find that they are required to pass grade 5 theory in order to sit higher level performance exams and we can help you to achieve this.

Begin your music theory improvement today by contacting Murtagh Music on 07932 575 882

If our lines are busy, please send us an email and we will respond to you as quickly as we can.

The syllabus for the graded exams has been designed to gradually increase your knowledge of the structure of music and to improve your understanding of how to write down music. We will advise you throughout your development, sharpening your skills in the areas in which you need to improve and helping you to establish a thorough and broad understanding of music and composition.

The art of recorded sound

Recording music is very much an art but there is also a great deal of science involved too, and with the help of Murtagh Music you can increase your knowledge of the techniques used in the modern recording studio.

If you want to learn about drum loops, sampling or synthesizers or how to choose the correct microphone for your chosen application all this and more is just a step away.

If you’re interested in recording and producing music using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) Murtagh Music can help you get to grips with Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Reason. Learn how to develop you mixing and mastering skills utilising sound manipulation tools such as EQ, compressors, limiters and noise gates. Make the best use of effects processors such as reverb, delay, chorus and phasing and improve your understanding of mixing techniques such as bus routing & creating instrument groups.

A constant evolution

Studio techniques are constantly evolving and there is always something new to learn in the field of music tech. Our music technology lessons cover all the topics required for modern music production, starting with the basics of recording with midi keyboards, programming with software instruments and moving on to discuss using different microphones to record live instruments and vocals, using pre-recorded material such as drum loops and samples and finally to learning about sound editing, song structuring, mixing and mastering.

Before long you will possess enough knowledge to be able to record your own music to a professional standard and know how to produce different tones and atmospheres on your tracks by putting to use the skills, tips and tricks that you have learned.

Start exploring the potential of the modern world of recording now by calling 07932 575 882

You can also email us with any questions you may have here.

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